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Pushkin: the birth of the conceptosphere of Russian culture

Kondakov I.V.


This article is devoted to the birth of the conceptual sphere of Russian culture as its structural and semantic framework. The Russian culture conceptual sphere originates from the works of Pushkin, who was the first Russian writer creating a verbal image of Russian culture as an integral system. The semantic center of Russian culture conceptual sphere was Pushkin's “semiotic Self”, which he extrapolated into the semantic space of Russian self-consciousness. Pushkin’s “semiotic Self”, interacting with the creative individuals of other Russian writers, artists and thinkers, contemporary to him, preceding and following, gradually turns into a problem field, organized by a network of concepts as a set of interrelated intertexts, contexts and hypertexts.



DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2020.01.01

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