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The world of man, in the word revealed, or human being in culture

Levit S.Ya.


The article presents the concepts of man and culture by outstanding thinkers – A. Bergson, G. Simmel, E. Cassirer, G. Marcel, O. Rosenstock-Hussey, M. Scheler, A. Schweitzer, A. Schutz, who are well known as the researches of the tragic, crisis phenomena of their time. Explored such phenomena as the crisis of values, bureaucratization of society, mechanization of human relations, as well as understanding of the crisis situation in which a person exsits. In their analysis, they rely on such concepts as «spirit», «inner man», «outer man», «culture», «worldview», «life world», «dialogical thinking», «symbolic form».


diagnosis time; phenomenological analysis; cultural crisis; Christian cultural tradition; outer man; inner man; techniques of humiliation; a specific philosophy; the spirit of abstraction; Christian humanism; spiritualism; ethical and religious teaching; dialogical thinking; culture and worldview; reverence for life; the life-world as the world of culture; the spirit; the soul; the symbolic form; semiology.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2020.01.03

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