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Tverdislowa E.S.

Vladimir Solovyov. Messianism: idea – model – testament – symbol


The problem of messianism is one of the most relevant and confusing. An integral component of Soloviev’s project of unity, messianism is considered as a connecting thread of his religious structures within the framework of the history of ideas: God-manhood as a fact and process of unity, Judaism and Christianity, the Church as a creative force in the reunification of Churches, the construction of a theocratic state, Slavophilism as a way to the interaction of Eastern and Western Christianity, etc. Soloviev’s messianism is a multivariant and polysemantic system, it allows you to classify its components according to the characteristics that the scientist gives, without specifically designating them: idea, model, testament, symbol. The idea implies all systems and subsystems as one. Inside the idea, a model is distinguished (Jewish, Polish, Russian – not according to nationality, but according to the experience of the people), covenant (personal agreement with God: people with God, peoples among themselves), symbol – a creative image of the unity of societies, states, Churches, peoples with God, finally – the Jewish and Christian religions. Based on the analysis, it can be concluded that Soloviev’s messianism is a cross-cutting concept of the doctrine of all-unity, in which the philosopher’s thought found evolution and development.


history of ideas; messianism; idea; model of national experience; testament; symbol; unity; all-unity; God-manhood; Judaism; Christianity; ecumenism; Orthodoxy; Catholicism.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.01.06

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