Herald of

Poetry and philosophy

Vizgin V.P.


The article is devoted to the analysis of relations between the poetry and philosophy. The author based his argumentation on the brilliant Vladimir Veidle`s essay «The Embryology of Poetry», on the one hand, and the Paul Ricoeur`s article «Entre Gabriel Marcel et Jean Wahl», on the other hand. According to Veidle`s conception an embryo of poetry is a union of the onomatopoeie and the oximoron. The author of this article concludes that oximoron in the large sense occurs in the philosophical thinking but in the case of the onomatopoeie in is not possible. The common source of poetry and philosophy, according to Aristotle in his «Metaphysics», is an astonishment in front of the mystery of the world. The author argues the thesis that Platonism makes concordance between poetry and philosophy inevitable in spite of the furious attacks against the poets and poetry in the Plato`s dialogue «On the State».


myth and poetry; philosophy; astonishment; onomatopoeie; oximoron; Veidle; Ricoeur; Aristotle and Plato; Neoplatonism.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.01.07

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