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Architectural images of the constitution: to create, reconstruct or destroy?

Andreeva G.N.


The article considers the general cultural origins of constitutional, legal and architectural creativity. Just as this is characteristic of architectural and construction activity, in law the formation of a legal system is based on a certain project, on the idea, on the image and as such a project is the basic law – the constitution. The harmony and strength of the constitutional draft depends on the foundation, stability and effectiveness of the country's legal system. At the same time, the unity and diversity of the cultural space determines the presence of common features and, at the same time, the diversity of the image of the constitution in architectural and ar-chitectural-monumental art. The work explores the types of such images, the degree of their rootedness in culture and the forms of use for architectural, urban planning, political and cultural and educational purposes.


constitution; architecture; culture; image of constitution; stability; fundamentality.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.02.01

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