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Philosophical and sociological concept of personality: epistemological and ontological aspects

Malinkin A.N.


The article deals with the theoretical-cognitive and existential aspects of the concept of personality. Personality is defined as spiritual education. The scientific methodology «sociology of personality» is criti-cized. It is proved that an adequate way to understand what a «human personality» is a philosophical and sociological approach. Only he can discover the spiritual essence of a person. A comparative analysis of human sociality in the concepts of intersubjectivity by E. Husserl and M. Scheler is under-taken. The philosophical and anthropological prerequisites of the «human personality» phenomenon are revealed. It is proved that the existence of a person as a living being is initially social and cultural-historical, which makes it possible to form a personality.


personality; spirituality; man; God; intersubjectivity; society; sociality; secularism; value.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2022.01.05

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