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The «hero» concept: The problems of interpretations

Sokolova B.Yu.


The concept of “hero” bears reflections of many eras. Despite its long history, starting with myth and epic, as well as different views on its nature, there is a certain basis in the phenomenon of heroism that feeds the culture of different times and peoples and resonates in the human soul as a stable archetype. The article raises the problem of interpreting the phenomenon of heroism, its refractions in cultural and philosophical concepts as well as the problem of their relevance to the inner deep meaning of the phenomenon itself. The article presents the author’s analysis of the fundamental concept of heroism, which can be found in the Living Ethics, one of the philosophical systems of Russian cosmism of the early twentieth century.


hero; heroism; feat; selflessness; cosmism; Living Ethics; Roerich.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.03.01

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