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Soviet socialism: Failed cultural revolution?

Fishman L.G.


The article is devoted to answering the question: was the cultural revolution, which Lenin called for and the Soviet government made, really a socialist cultural revolution? The author substantiates that the task of accomplishing a proper socialist cultural revolution turned out to be so difficult that it was actually replaced by the task of civilizing and enlightenment in the modern and “bourgeois” sense. By and large, institutional and cultural prerequisites for the dialectical transformation of the “common human” culture into a socialist and communist culture did not arise. “Bourgeois”, “noble”, “foreign” and other moral and cultural models’ integration and transformation into socialist ones was unsuccessful. They retained a certain amount of their appeal and bided their time, which struck in the late 1980s.


bourgeoisness; virtues; capitalism; cultural revolution; Lenin; socialism.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.03.02

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