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Body representations in traditional and modern cultures: comprehension problems

Pulkin M.V.


The article examines the main problems of the representation of the nude body as one of the significant components of traditional and modern culture. It was revealed that the functioning of ideas about the meaning of nudity in culture is associated with a number of binary oppositions. The first is the opposition between sexuality and asceticism. The second presupposes the opposition and unity of traditionalism and nihilism. The third is associated with humiliation or an increase in the importance of the individual. In each specific case of exposure, we are dealing with a kind of message due to the state of the culture of a particular society at a very definite stage of its development. Nudity is interpreted by the addressee based on his own ideas about acceptable behaviors.


sacred; socialization; nudity; corporality; nudism; nudity; representation, norms, traditions, morality.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.03.08

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