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Transformations and interpretations of the concept of «home» in contemporary art

Loginova M.V., Prokhorova N.I.


The article considers the transformations of the concept of «home» as if a universal marker of the metamorphosis in contemporary art. It investigates separate interpretations of the concept of «home» in the work by artists I. Kabakov, R. Magritte, G. Matt-Clark, V. Pivovarov, M. Rosler and others. The sense of «home» depends on the cultural situation and the framework of the artistic direction. The concept of «home» shows a ten-dency towards deconstruction, its semantic boundaries are subject to displacement, «scattering» of meanings fixed in culture.


home; concept; concept «home»; conceptualism; postmodernism; contemporary art; philosophy of art.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2022.01.08

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