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The Aristocracy of the Spirit and the Order of the Intelligentsia: the Genealogy of the Concepts

Dushenko K.V.


The article examines the origin of two partially related, partly opposing concepts: «the aristocracy of the spirit» and «the order of the intelligentsia». The first arose in Germany at the beginning of the 19 th century; by different authors it was understood unequally. For its creator Saul Ascher the «aristocrats of the spirit» are the intellectual elite of the nation, free from national narrow-mindedness. The second concept was introduced by circulation by the Russian religious philosophers of the 20 th century for polemical purposes.


сultural and political elite; cosmopolitanism; Russian intelligentsia; «Russian Silver Age»; S. Ascher; L. Börne; J. Gorres; F. Nietzsche; F.A. Stepun; G.P. Fedotov; S.L. Frank; H. Steffens.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2019.04.03

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