Herald of

Memento mori

Dushenko K.V.


The expression «Memento mori» is often quoted as a greeting and farewell formula of medieval monastic orders. In fact, it appeared in the books of German and English authors of the 16 th century. This dictum goes back to the writings of the teachers of the Church, beginning with St. Hieronymus. In the ancient literature there were similar sentences, but they had a different meaning. Thanks to Goethe from the end of the XVIII century the «reverse» maxim was widespread: «Memento vivere» – «Remember to live».


оrigin of familiar phrases; the topic of death in European culture; St. Jerome; Seneca; Pliny the Younger; Goethe; Thomas Goode; Ephes Sargent.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2019.02.09

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