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Historical mentality and artistic process

Кривцун О.А.


Historical mentality expresses what is now commonly referred to as «total history», the history of conscious and unreflected ideas that operates through the junctions of different eras and cultures. It is precisely the overcoming of fragmented images of man that allows us to recreate the historical existence of man in his real integrity. In the reconstruction of such interdisciplinary synthesis, an enormous role is played by the study of the vicissitudes of the artistic process, the general history of the arts. The history of art shows that it was not the ready-made artistic forms themselves that acted in it, but more or less obedient people. All complex and subtle ways of artistic expression involve a deeply human dimension: none of the parameters of art is not humanly dispassionate, it reveals the possibilities of perception, thinking, evaluation of the psyche, the mentality of a particular person in history.


mentality; consciousness and subconsciousness of culture; implicit attitudes of thought; artistic forms; culture of the imagination of man; culture of the imagination of the epoch.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2019.01.04

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