Herald of

Philosophy of culture of G. Simmel

Levit S.Ya.


The article deals with the philosophy of culture of the German cultural philosopher and sociologist G. Simmel, who became history as an exponent of the tragic, crisis phenomena of his time. His philosophy is the basis of social theories, that gives the diagnosis of the era – the beginning of the twentieth century and the will of our time, which is characterized by a further decline in morals, the destruction of institutions and structures of society, international institutions, the relativization of cultural values, the change of the architectonics of the world.


philosophy of culture; tragedy of culture; crisis of culture; diagnosis of time; philosophy of life; cultural form; cultural epochs; cultural worlds; objective culture; subjective culture; cultural values; cultivation; culture of things; spirit; soul; alienation; individualization; individual law.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2019.01.05

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