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Caricature and poster as an art genre during World War II

Kuleshova O.V.


The article highlights the use of such genres of art as caricature and poster during the Second World War. The influence of these genres on the spiritual climate of the warring States is analyzed. The article examines the influence of artistic techniques inherent to these genres of fine art on the promotion of the ideas of communism and Nazism. The author reveals a close relationship between the ideological message and the use of certain artistic techniques and means. The article examines the spiritual component of the military confrontation, which determined the use of a certain set of artistic techniques by the creators of works of fine art in this genre.


caricature; poster; ideology; propaganda; Second World War; the warring powers; Germany; the Soviet Union; the allied army

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2020.04.11

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