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Trends in the development of musical culture in the 20 th century

Bukreev V.A.


The problem is considered in the article is «musical integration», which has been one of the main and global problems since the second half of the twentieth century. Politics, science, culture, practically all areas of spiritual activity not only provide examples of new forms and institutions, but also present material for a kind of «metaphilosophy of unity». The aim of this article is to reveal the tendencies existing in musical culture, which are connected with the process of mixing, fusion, organic connection of different elements of various musical traditions, styles, directions and genres.


Musical Culture of the XX Century; Free-Jazz; Jazz; New Wave; Music of India; Afro-American Culture; Postmodernism; Combination of Time Plans; Interaction of Science and Art; Cultural Heritage; Joseph Schillinger; Ravi Shankar; Heinet Goebbels; Alfred Gart; Hans Eisler; Michael Nyman; Louis Andriessen; Terry Riley; Church of Autrax; Agatation Free; Deep Purple; Yes; Emmerson, Lake & Palmer; Arsenal.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2020.03.03

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