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The Musical Mystery of Olivier Messiana

Гудимова С.А.


The article is dedicated to the opera «St. Francis of Assisi» by the outstanding French composer of the 20 th century Olivier Messiana. This opera is the composer's great summa musicae. In it, he used almost all the musical means used by him earlier. As for the drama, it is completely different than in all operas and musical dramas that still exist, and not only in the sense of stage, but also musical. This is a completely new word in opera. “St. Francis of Assisi” is not only a musical mystery, since scenography (carefully designed by Messian in the libretto and score) plays a significant role here.


Leper; Angel; «A Sermon Before the Birds»; Stigmata; New Life.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2020.03.05

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