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Commemorative Medals as a way to memorize the constitution

Andreeva G.N.


The article comprehensively examines the main stages of the evolution of commemorative medals and how to memorize the constitution by issuing such medals: the concept of commemorative medals is revealed; the origin of the commemorative medals and their relationship with coins are shown; a general description of the legal regulation of commemorative medals is given; the types of commemorative medals dedicated to various memorable dates related to the constitution and medals dedicated to the adoption and amendment of the constitution are determined. The article describes the goals of issuing these commemorative medals and the methods of memorization used in medals. The article examines the images of the constitution on medals, by which the memory of the constitution is preserved, and compares them with similar images found in other works of fine art. The conclusion was made about the importance and originality of the contribution of commemorative coins to the preservation of the memory of the constitution.


commemorative medals; constitution; constitution memorization; image of the constitution; memorials; receptions of a memorization.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2022.04.06

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