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Musical culture of America in the aspect of fusion-style features

Bukreev V.A.


This article aims to show the ways of integration of modern musical styles, genres, trends in different parts of the American Continent. The author of the article was mainly interested in what led to the fusion, mixing, unification, cultural traditions of the peoples who inhabited America. On this basis, genres began to arise and develop, built also on the principles inherent in the Fusion style (English fusion – “fusion”, “melting”, “mixture”), which determined the dynamics of the development of hybrid genres in the field of academic and non-academic music of North and South America.


Protestant Chorale; Creole chants; Scottish folklore; Irish folklore; Country Music; Keikkook; Minstrel Show; Ragtime; Mara Katu; Guaracha ; Rumba; Congados.; Samba; Texas Tommy; Grizzly Bear; Indian music; African American music.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2022.04.10

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