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Philosophical and theological interpretations of nihilism and ways to overcome it

Levit S.Ya.


In the article there is a dialogue of outstanding thinkers R. Guardini, S. Kierkegaard, K. Levit, F. Nietzsche devoted to the problems of philosophy of culture and philosophy of history. Such problems as the crisis of European culture, the origins of the historical consciousness of the West and the readiness of the Western man to accept radical nihilistic teachings, philosophical and theological overcoming of nihilism are highlighted; the attitude of man to the world and his own existence are investigated, various concepts of man, his responsibility to himself and society are considered.


European culture; christianity; Christian morality; Christian values; cultural crisis; secularization; demoralization; biologization; racism; nihilism; good and evil; life; existence; philosophy of life; theology of existence; human nature; human image; superman; eternal return.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.01.01

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