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Body, soul and “single miracle” in A.Losev's “Dialectics of Myth”

Zotkina O.Y.


This article is devoted to the problem of human “soul-body” correlation as it is being considered in “Dialectics of Myth” by A.F. Losev. The author analyzes the similarity and difference between positions of Losev and Cassirer in this issue, philosophical reflection of such basic principles of Eastern-Christiian discourse as apophatism, wholeness, symbolism of human personality, the understanding of a personality in terms of “image”(icon) and “prototype”, hierarchical model of human being, the sources of raising and descending personal dynamics. The connection between “body-and-soul” issue and other main Losev's concepts (like miracle, “miraculous personal story”, personal name, the energy of essence) is being clarified, and the conclusion that personality is the primary principle in Losev's philosophy (” personal a priori”) is made.


personality; soul; body; wholeness; miracle; hierarchy; symbol; icon; myth; ”personal a priori”.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.01.02

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