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The Concept of Ideology in the “Alien” Works by M.M. Bakhtin

Malinkin A.N.


The article deals with the concept of ideology in the “alien” works of M.M. Bakhtin, i.e. in articles and books written by Bakhtin or with his active participation and published under alien names (V.N. Voloshinov, P.N. Medvedev and others) in the 1920 s. It is suggested that Bakhtin was carrying out an intellectual and research experiment in this way – theoretically developing “virgin” areas of historical materialism. It is proved that “ideology” for Bakhtin primarily meant “culture”, “the science of ideology” – the philosophy of culture, “sociology” – the historical-materialist methodology. The article describes the haracteristic features of Bakhtin's interpretation of these concepts with an emphasis on the concept of “ideology”. In conclusion, an assessment of Bakhtin's research methodology is given.


M.M. Bakhtin; V.N. Voloshinov; P.N. Medvedev; Marxism; historical materialism; ideology; the science of ideology; sociology; philosophy of culture.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.01.03

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