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The concept of the symbol of L.A. Gogotishvili and the poetry of Vyach. Ivanov: interpretation and application

Созина Е.К.


The article deals with the concept of a symbol and Russian symbolism proposed by L.A. Gogotishvili. The material of the analysis are her works about Vyach. Ivanov, A.F. Losev and M.M. Bakhtin. Emphasis is placed on the novelty of Gogotishvili's approach to Ivanov's symbol as “the ugly objectification of the predicate”: proceeding from this position, the researcher understood Russian symbolism in the context of predicative and pragmatic theories of language that arose during the 20 th century. A connection between the philosophical concepts accentuated by Gogotishviliis established: the symbol of Ivanov, the “two-voiced word” of Bakhtin, the “point of speaking” of Losev. In the light of Gogotishvili's concept, an analysis of the symbolic language of Vyach. Ivanov in his early poetry is performed, the material of analysis are mainly the poems of the collection “Transparency” (1904). They stand out through the plot of the unnamed God, whose Face slips away under many masks, disguises, echoes – they act as predicates of the symbol around which the super-myth of Vyach. Ivanov is built.


symbol; symbolism; predicativity; Vyach. Ivanov; collection

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.02.02

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