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Signs of the time: the myth of the 90 s in a modern perspective

Аверкина С.Н., Карпова А.В., Мосова Д.В.


The study analyzes the features of the myth of the 90 s in modern culture, mainly in literature and cinematography. The work is based on the comparative analysis. The novel “Nenastie” by A. Ivanov and the TV series “Swamps” based on the work by D. Glukhovsky served as materials. Results of the study prove that a retrospective look at the stages and nature of the myth of the 90 s allow scientists to analyze more deeply the development logic of modern Russian society.


reception; myth; ambivalent hero; antihero; “pulp fiction”; Russian culture in terms

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.02.04

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