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Musicin the Aesthetic Theory and Poetic Practice of Russian Symbolists: Traditions and Innovations

Makarova S.A.


The article analyzes the theoretical and poetic heritage of Russian Symbolists, who, having philosophically rethought the traditions of world culture, at the turn of the 19 th–20 th centuries created an innovative concept of “musical” verse and a life-building project based on pan-musical myth-making. Realizing music and rhythm as symbols, the poets carry out versification experiments, striving for the musicality of the word and representing the Russian composer A.N. Scriabin as a symbol of the practical implementation of the idea of the art synthesis.


Russian symbolism; poetry and synthesis of the arts; symbols of music and rhythm; musical theory of versification; pan-musical philosophy, life-building myth; musicality of the lyrics; creativity of A.N. Scriabin.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.02.08

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