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The First symbols of Russian special military operation: Russian Dostoevskij in Italy and Ukrainian peasant woman with a Soviet flag

Якушкина Т.В.


The article is based on the Russian and Italian media publications and aims to analyze the process of emergence and the specifics of the first symbols of the special military operation. According to the author of the article, they were born in an atmosphere of public confusion and reflect the attempts of the two peoples to find ideological support and behavioral strategy in the new political reality. Basic national values have become such a support. The difference in the semantic content of the two symbolic images demonstrates the difference in the assessment of the conflict itself in Russia and in the West.


symbols of Russian special military operation; value symbols, political symbols; Dostoevskij in Italy; Ukrainian peasant woman with a Soviet flag.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.02.16

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