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Culturology and philosophy: new issues in the Russian «Propylaea» series

Levit S.Ya.


The article presents books published in the series «Russian Propylaea» in 2017, notes their contribution to the field of modern education and the revival of interest to the Humanities.


M.M. Bakhtin, hermeneutics, aesthetics, the theory of being, philosophy of action, philosophy of culture, philosophy of life, ethical dialogue, carnivaldialogue, poetics, metalinguistics, M.O. Gershenzon, the typology of thinking, personality type, creativity, the laws of art, the unconscious components of creativity, research principles, V. Bychkov, Byzantine aesthetics, types of aesthetic consciousness, patristic and theological aesthetics, aesthetics of asceticism, liturgical aesthetics, understanding of art, ancient aesthetic traditions, aesthetics of eroticism, V.K. Kantor, literature and philosophy, sententiasensa, philosophical context of literature.

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