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Some modern practices of representation of the «Perm animal style» in the cultural space of the Komi republic

Mironova N.P., Ustyantsev G.Yu.


The authors of the article consider the problem of represen-tation of the Perm Animal style (PZS) in modern cultural practices and ac-tivities of the national creative intelligentsia. Based on the analysis of works of graphic and digital art, the researchers identify the main vectors of reinterpretation and models of interpretation of CCD in the modern cultural space of the Komi Republic. The authors consider CCD as a phenomenon of modern aesthetic values of the Komi Republic, emphasizing the connec-tion between this element of graphic art and the interest of the modern pub-lic in the manifestations of national identity.


Perm animal style (PZS); Komi, symbol; ethnic identity; ethnofuturism.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.04.09

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