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Cinematography of the hidden heart depth

Perelshtein R.M.


Exploring the spiritual problems of cinematography, the author of the article reveals a certain artistic and ideological trend, which he describes as a cinema of hidden heart depth. The face of this cinema is determined by the hero-wanderer. The goal of this type of hero is not somewhere outside of him in outer space, but in the heart of the hero, although he does not realize this until he discovers that the journey has come to an end. The author formulates the philosophy of the goal of the hero-wanderer and designates it as being in the present moment. This moment is the irrefutable Being. Within the framework of the proposed concept, more than two dozen paintings that are part of the treasury of world cinema are being analyzed.


cinematography of the hidden depths of the heart; the herowanderer; philosophy of purpose; comprehensive consciousness; the present moment.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2024.01.09

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