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Metaphysics of cinema art

Perelshtein R.M.


The author of the article explores cinema art as a kind of worldview model, based on the tragic myth of Aristotle. The well-known doctrine of tragedy is the part of the doctrine of tragic myth. Both tragedy and drama strive for catharsis, that is, to purify and heal the soul. The discussion of drama as a spiritual teaching becomes extremely relevant in this regard. The hero of the drama (wider than a movie with a dramatic plot) goes on a journey to meet his eternal "I", and, therefore, to become himself. The hero may fail, but there is no other purpose for the journey or initiation.


metaphysics; cinema art; the eternal «I»; the false «I»; initiation; drama; tragic myth.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.01.03

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