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Integration and assimilation of the musical components of jazz and academic music in the works of US composers since the beginning of the XX century

Bukreev V.A.


The article examines the evolution of thinking of American and European composers of the early 20th century, the expansion of their musical horizons in connection with the birth and emergence of Early Jazz, a new rhythmic music in the South of the United States. Almost all famous composers of the beginning of the century, to one degree or another, turned to jazz, each in his own way refracting new rhythms and harmonies in their work. In this process, the initial, basic material was professional composer compositions, and jazz contributed to assimilation. The article examines experiments of interest from the perspective of fusion of musical genres, synthesis of elements of the musical language, which later anticipated the birth of the unique musical style «Fusion».


Stravinsky; Millau; Poulenc; Ravel; Scott Joplin; George Gershwin; James Paul Johnson; «Jelly Roll» Morton; «Duke» Ellington; «Dizzy» Gillespie; Stan Kenton; Woody Herman; George Shearing; Stan Kenton; Gunther Schuler; Paul Whiteman; Charlie Minus; George Russell; Gil Evans; Alfred Schnittke; «Modern Jazz Qartet».

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.02.05

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