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Trial and justice in J.R.R. Martin's fantasy novel «A Song of Ice and Flame»

Andreeva G.N.


The article analyzes the features of the image of court and justice in the fantasy novel by George R.R. Martin «A Song of Ice and Flame». The general characteristic of the image of the court and justice is given, the role of the royal court is shown, the concepts of crime and punishment are revealed, the meaning of allusions for understanding the fantasy world created by the author. In conclusion, the novel is considered as a cultural and educational project.


J.R.R. Martin; «A Song of Ice and Flame»; fantasy novel; magaepopeia; royal power; the struggle of thrones; the role of the court; features of justice; the Middle Ages; «parallel reality»; cultural and educational project.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.02.09

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