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Leading figures of the fashion industry about the cultural paradigms of modern society

Kozlov S.A.


The article examines the conclusions of a number of leading European figures of the fashion industry of the second half of the 20th—early 21st centuries, concerning the role of fashion in the consumer society. The article focuses on the creative vector of renewal and constant self-knowledge as the key elements of a positive change in the world with the help of fashion, as well as on the axiology of the inner world of leading fashion designers. Conclusions are drawn about the prospects of the method of synthesis of traditions and innovations in the work of modern Russian and foreign fashion designers in the context of both self-realization of the individual and fashion as a value-forming axiological factor of culture.


fashion designers; fashion; consumer society; traditions; mass consciousness.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2021.03.09

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