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Linguocultural concepts of the realias of Soviet era in the novel “Sin” by Z. Prilepin. English translation specifics

Garcia-Caselles C.


This article considers the concepts of the realias of the Soviet era in the novel “Sin” by Z. Prilepin and the specifics of their transmission in the English translation. The realias form the basis of the linguistic and cultural identity of the Soviet society and are an integral part of the world cultural heritage. Translation of the realias of this historical period into other languages seems to be a rather difficult task, since it requires translators of a different linguistic culture not only to possess background knowledge, but also to apply a number of transformative strategies. The semiotics of the language reflects the culture of the people, which contains a kind of national cultural code of a particular nation. As a result, the relationship between language and culture is their immanent component.


linguoculture; realias; the Soviet Union; genre specifics of the novel; transformative translation strategies.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2022.04.04

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