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Rilke's “Sonnets to Orfeus” in Z. Mirkina’s translation, or about “poetry of the sacred deep”

Perelshtein R.M.


The author of the article analyzes “Sonnets to Orpheus” by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Zinaida Mirkina. This creation is considered to be one of the highlights in the work of the most influential Austrian writer of the twentieth century. The problem of poetic translation is also investigated; however, we will talk about the “poetry of the sacred depth”, and, therefore, about mystical experience clothed in a poetic form. The author proceeds from the assumption that only a mystic can “translate” a mystic. Otherwise, the meaning of the poetic message is extremely obscured.


“poetry of the sacred depth”; poetic translation; mystical consciousness; Fundamental Principle; being.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.01.08

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