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Methods of constructing the main characters in the Soviet ballets of the 1930–1950-s

Гусева А.О.


The article discusses how protagonists and antagonists were constructed in the Soviet ballet of the 1930–1950 s. Through the “triadic” model of the sign by C. Peirce the coding of the characters at the level of music, choreography, and costumes is examined. The author concludes that the main objects which were encoded in ballet productions were, in the heroes’ case, the “folk” origin and positive character traits, and, in the villains’ case – “remoteness” from the “people” and negative qualities.


Soviet ballet of the 1930–1950 s; the “triadic”model of the sign by C. Peirce; socialist realism; drambalet.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2023.02.05

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