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The Crossroads of Cultures and Metamorphoses of time in Andreï Makine's novels

Pakhsarian N.T.


The article discusses several novels by Andreï Makine, a modern writer, in whose work Russian and French cultures are closely intertwined. The author of such works as The French Testament, Requiem for the East, The Woman Who Waited, etc., having emigrated to France in 1987, writes his novels in French. But in all his works the Russian theme is presented in one way or another. Besides the Russian literary tradition is important for the writer. The experience of I.A. Bunin, in particular, is especially revered by Andreï Makine. In his novels, this Franco-Russian author refers to different stages of Russian history of, including those that had occurred before his birth. On the one hand, he relies on the events of his own biography, introduces autobiographical elements into the plot of novels, on the other hand he constantly mixes these elements with fiction, shifts and pushes the boundaries of time. Fictional metamorphoses in A. Makine’s works allow him to express nostalgia for Russia in the artistic canvas of the text in French.


Makine; language; culture; history; time; fiction; game.

DOI: 10.31249/hoc/2022.02.06

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